A Chicken in Every Pot!

This phrase was the Republican campaign slogan in the late 1920’s but its origin goes back to France in the 16th century. Henri IV had “supposedly wished” that every peasant, no matter how poor, could have chicken every Sunday.

Chicken? Why chicken? Why not a nice juicy Angus T-bone steak?

Until the 1940’s chickens and eggs were luxury food. Most chickens were raised by small farmers or individuals. They were very expensive to feed since they needed grain. Even a small homestead might raise some chickens, but they could easily raise a cow on grass and a pig or two by feeding them scraps and having them browse the orchard.

Chickens were a commodity that most people enjoyed but few could afford. But during both World Wars it became patriotic to raise chickens. Chickens helped supplement the family with eggs and then the chicken dinner. Some were raised for the troops as well.

It wasn’t until the 1940’s that chickens because plentiful and affordable for most families. And in many families, the food of choice for a variety of reasons. They are no longer a luxury.

I can’t promise you a chicken in every pot or chicken every summer, but I can tell you that our chickens are housed in large living quarters, protected from predators, and feed non-GMO feed.

Farm fresh is naturally delicious. Be sure to order your chickens today!

KeiLin Farm, a producer of farm fresh beef, turkeys, broiler chickens and eggs, is located in Rose Township, Michigan. It is in the process of acquiring the required licenses to become a small wine maker.