What’s a Quarter?


One of our most frequently asked questions is – what’s a quarter? Is it the front or the back?

Understandable confusion – many years ago there were butcher shops around that would sell beef by the front quarter or the hind quarter with the front being less expensive than the hind. But, you only received chuck and ribs if you selected the front quarter, and the porterhouse and T-bone steaks are in the hind quarter.

When we sell by the quarter, you receive one-fourth of the steer. The means, you get ALL the available cuts. T-bone, porterhouse, Delmonico, chuck, round steak, sirloin steak, roasts, steak-burger, and soup bones.

Wow! That’s quite a variety of cuts.

And a quarter typically weighs out at 100 pounds of table ready beef. Yes, that’s a lot of beef. Considering that the average American in 2012 consumed 71.2 pounds of red meat and about 60% of that was beef, a quarter can last your family anywhere from six months to two years.

Note: this figure includes ALL red meat eaten, regardless of where it was prepared.

The next question is how do I prepare the cuts I’ve never tried before? We’ll help you there. Both on this blog and on our website we will be adding recipes and tips on how to prepare every cut of meat you receive in quarter.

Whether you grill, roast, or fry, we want you to enjoy your quarter.

KeiLin Farm produces farm fresh beef and eggs and is located in Davisburg, Michigan.

How Big?


Two of the most frequently asked questions are how big is a quarter of beef and how big of a freezer will I need?

What is a quarter?

A quarter of beef is one-fourth of all the cuts found in the steer. This includes steaks, roasts, lean ground beef (we call it steak burger) as well as soup bones. The entire list is on our website, so I won’t list it here. Every person who orders a quarter gets every cut of beef that is available from that steer.

The weight of the quarter will vary depending on how big the steer was when we take it in for processing. On average, a quarter of beef will produce 90 to 100 pounds of beef.

Yes, that’s a lot of beef! And that’s why we are always asked, “How big of a freezer do I need?”


The type of freezer you purchase is your preference. According to a recent report, a chest freezer is usually more economical. They are well insulated and are very efficient at keeping the food cold. Even during a power outage, as long as the freezer not opened, a chest freezer can keep your food frozen for 2 or 3 days. This, of course, depends on the quality of the frozen food. Typically chest freezers use the least energy to run.

How big of a freezer you purchase will depend on how you plan to use it. Most sources say a cubic foot will hold 15 to 35 pounds. That’s a big range! It might hold 35 pounds if it was all stored in neat little squares – but beef tends to come in different shapes and sizes. We tell people to figure 15 to 20 pounds per cubic foot. This means a quarter of beef – which is 90 to 100 pounds – should fit in a 5 cubic foot freezer.

The price difference between 5, 7, and 10 cu. foot freezers is not that great. You know you will want to put more in that freezer than just the beef, so go with the 7 or 10 cubic foot freezer. From what I hear from our customers, the quarter just fits in a 5 cubic foot freezer.

For more information on our farm, fresh beef be sure to check out our website.

KeiLin Farm, producer farm fresh beef and eggs, is located in Davisburg, Michigan.