Got Beef?

Steak dinner from farm raised beef
Beef! It’s what’s for dinner.


It’s National Beef Month and whether you enjoy steaks, roast, burgers or any of the other cuts, beef is a staple for most families. And if you are like many, you want your cuts to be tender, flavorful, and nutritious.

To celebrate this month, here are some beef facts:

  • The basic cuts of beef are the chuck, loin, rib and round. The names for some cuts of meat can vary from one area to another.
  • There are 50 breeds of beef cattle in the U.S. The breed most recognized is Angus. Hereford, Brahman, Maine-Anjou, and Charolais are among other breed raised for beef.
  • A 3 ounce serving of beef provides more than half of your required protein for the day.
  • Beef is an excellent source of all the necessary amino acids.
  • The United States provides 25 percent of the world’s beef, but only has 10 percent of the world’s cattle.
  • A 3-oz serving of lean beef contains about 150 calories provides about the same amount of protein as 1½ cups of cooked black beans which is about 341 calories

Purchasing your beef by the quarter or half from a local farmer allows you to see the growing conditions of the cattle. Most farmers are more than willing to discuss the feed sources for their animals. Many grow their own hay to ensure that their stock receive the best hay available so you get the best beef possible.

Beef! It’s what’s for dinner at our house. How about yours?

KeiLin Farm produces farm fresh beef and eggs and is located in Davisburg, Michigan.