Welcome to our Farm!

Adjusting reins

Meet Linda, city girl turned country who loved horses and started her own therapeutic riding facility.





Meet Keith, true farmer – raising cattle for beef and growing his own hay for them.




Combined they are KeiLin Farm, where they raise cattle for beef, have a flock of chickens for eggs, and, of course, have horses to ride.

Follow us here to learn about how we care for our animals, how we determine which breed we select for both beef and show, and even our favorite ways to prepare the beef and eggs we sell.

In the spring of 2017, we decided to start our own winery. Not any winery, but a country winery. Wine made from fruit, vegetable, flowers, herbs, seeds, and even nuts. So expect a post every now and then about our wine adventures.

We’ll also talk a little about what goes into maintaining a farm, growing quality hay for our beef and breeding stock and our horses, and just plain farm life.

Horses will not be discusses here, so if you are a horse person, you’ll have to wander over to our other blog, Life at Pretty Pony Pastures!

Drop in here often to visit and read what we’re up to.

For more information about our products, go to our website – KeiLin Farm.

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