They’re Good For Your Eyes!

Yolk information

So many of our customers have remarked how good our eggs tasted, how orange the yolk was, and how nicely they stood up in the pan.

I knew that the fresher the egg, the more body the yolk had. Since we have a steady stream of customers for our eggs, and a waiting list in the winter months when the hens slow down, I knew our eggs were very fresh when sold.

But what about the color?

So I started researching the color of egg yolks and came across some interesting information regarding eggs and their yolks.

The color of the yolk is dependent on what the hen eats! Our hens free range in the mild months and are only in the coop when the cold could damage their feet or combs. Yes, hens can get frost-bite in the bitter cold!

But I also learned that the yolk is very nutritional for your eyes! The color indicates the beta carotene level and is also a source of lutein – both of which are very beneficial for your eyes!

So, scramble them, fry them, stuff them, or hard boil them. However you enjoy your eggs – they are an excellent source of nutrients to keep your eyes healthy!


KeiLin Farm, producer farm fresh beef and eggs, is located in Davisburg, Michigan.

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